Interview with Jack from Australia

The following is an interview with Jack, an Australian activist who was inspired to roll up his sleeves and take action. Inspired? Click here to see how you can make a difference now!

1- How do you raise awareness about the threat of radical Islam? 

I came up with an idea to put copies of The Third Jihad on my kitchen table, as I enjoy entertaining and often have visitors over. I believe it is an unobtrusive way of raising awareness without being forceful. People are bound to pick up the DVD and look at it. If they then begin a conversation and seem interested, I ask if they would like to watch it. I then lend or sell a copy, or even a few copies.

2- Why do you think that this is the best way to get the message out?

It's so simple that even the most timid of people can do it.

3- Why is it important to inspire others to make a difference?

I'm inspiring my friends by what I'm doing and they are inspiring me. One of them has bought 7 copies and sent them out to his relatives. By keeping a copy on the kitchen table it reminds us that the problem is not going away. I also carry a copy with me whenever I go out. Just yesterday, while having my hair cut my barber asked me what I've been doing. I told him about the dvd and he bought a copy. I think people are inspired by this concept and feel that it empowers they themselves to make a small difference.

4- What do you think is the important message of The Third Jihad?

The most important message is for people to wake up! Another important message is that we have a lot of work to do. I think it is important that we support people like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, and other Muslims who are dedicating their life to exposing radical Islam. 

5- As you are located in Australia, do you think it is important for people outside of the U.S. to see this film?

It is very important that people outside the US see this. People have no idea about the nature of radical Islam and how much of a threat it is. In Australia our media is very politically correct. Just recently there was the draw Mohammed day, though it was a big event it was not even mentioned on any of the free-to-air television stations in Australia. It may be hard to believe, but I find that Australians are probably in a deeper sleep than Americans. It is also important that non-Americans see this because Americans will need allies. If your allies fall you will be in serious trouble. America cannot stand alone.

6- What are tips and ideas do you have for would-be activists?

Don't be put off by others. Courage is gained by acknowledging there is a problem and then facing it. Stick to your guns and don't be afraid of making mistakes. I've made heaps of mistakes but I've learnt from them.

7- How do you get people interested?

Yes. A person is not interested in a solution until they realize they have a problem. Imagine for a moment that I am a professor of medicine and I tell you that I have the cure for cancer and I'd like to give you an injection. If you were convinced that you did not have cancer you wouldn't be interested in the injection. But if you'd had chemotherapy, and still were not cured, I wouldn't have to spend a half hour trying to convince you that you needed the injection. You'd be pressuring me to give it to you.

This issue is like that. The first step is to get the people to realize we have a problem. That is why this video is so very important. It is also important because it is hard for people to accuse Dr. Jasser of Islamophobia. The film is presented in a very clever way. I've met people who think more highly of "Obsession", but The Third Jihad is the best introductory video I have seen on this topic. 

If a person wants to buy a copy try and get them to buy a few; one for themselves, a couple for their friends, and one to carry with them. 

We have much to do. We must focus on the universities. Influence the universities and you influence the country. That's where our doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc. are taught. Public meetings are great but in the long run I think showing people the dvd in private will be more effective. Baby steps. We must do more than preach to the converted. And we must be more active than the Islamists.


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