Write Letters

Organize a group to write letters to senators and representatives. 

It is crucial to urge congressmen to seriously consider the threats of radical Islam.  If you see something in the news that bothers you, or something troubling happens on campus, write a letter to your congressmen telling them that radical Islam must be stopped.   

Start by gathering all the points you want to include in the letter.  

      Some points you might want to include:

1.   American Jihad Manifesto Discovered by the FBI:  

•    The document that is believed to be the “Grand Jihad Manifesto” that was written by the Muslim Brotherhood in North America.  
•    The document outlines the goals and strategies for the infiltration and domination of America from within.  
•    One of the strategies mentioned is to establish “moderate” groups, mosques and Islamic centers across North America to position Islam so it might weaken western culture and promote the implementation of Sharia Law.  

2.    Sharia Law supplants civil rights and causes persecution of Christians, women, and homosexuals:

•   Radical Islamic communities do not tolerate any other religion besides for Islam; as a result, Churches are destroyed and Christians are overtaxed, harassed, or driven out of the country.
•    Sharia Law restricts the way women can dress and behave-in radical communities women can actually be arrested for wearing clothing that is to tight, for wearing excess makeup, or for exposing too much hair.
•    According to the United Nations, 5,000 girls and women are victims of a common practice called “honor killings” every year.  
•    Homosexuality is not accepted in radical Islamic communities and punishments for being a homosexual include being shot, hanged, burned alive, and decapitated.

3.    Violent Jihad: U.S. Terrorist Attacks Foiled:  

•    U.S. Government has prevented a number of possible terrorist plots and it would be naïve to discount the possibility of future plots.

4.    Homegrown Jihad:  Terrorism has been growing on American soil through prison recruitment, Islamberg, and Wihabism.  

•    American prisons are responsible for the recruitment of many Islamic extremists.  Imams and prison chaplains have been able to convert inmates to extremist Islam by feeding off the discontent and resentment inmates feel toward society.
•    Islamberg is a small Islamic community in rural upstate New York. It is thought to be one of 30 compounds in America that was founded by Imam Sheikh Jilani and is run by an organization called
Jamaat ul-Fuqra.  Both Jilani and Jamaat ul-Fuqra have been connected to a number of terrorist activites.  
•    Wihabism is a radical Saudi brand of Islam on the rise in America. In 2005, a study by the Center for Religious Freedom discovered that much of the official Saudi-supplied literature found in American mosques contains texts and teachings about non-Muslims that could be considered hate speech. This kind of ideology has the potential to radicalize impressionable followers.

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