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Morsi Blasts UN With Brotherhood Agenda

Thu, September 27, 2012

Ryan Mauro

On September 26, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi spoke at the United Nations and laid out the foreign policy agenda of, as he called it, “the New Egypt.” As expected, the speech was free of the incendiary rhetoric that would peel away the Brotherhood’s carefully-crafted “moderate” image, but the same old Islamist themes were present.

He opened his speech with praise “for the brotherly State of Qatar,” the supposed U.S. ally that is acting as the bank account for Islamists across the region trying to steer the direction of the Arab Spring. It is also home to Al-Jazeera and Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the top Brotherhood cleric who isn’t quite as shy about expressing his extremism and support for suicide bombings.

The overall theme was one of Egypt acting more aggressively to shape international events. “I cannot omit to reiterate here today Egypt’s commitment to working with its Arab brothers and sisters to reclaim our rightful position in the world,” he said.

The most important goal, Morsi said, is to establish an independent Palestine with Jerusalem. It was predictable but think about what he didn’t say. He didn’t call for a permanent, two-state solution because the Brotherhood’s vision of a “free Palestine” requires the destruction of Israel. He didn’t call for an end to violence against Israelis or a recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

Morsi’s second stated objective is stopping the bloodshed in Syria, which means ending the regime of Bashar Assad that is fighting rebels backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. He seeks intervention from an Arab coalition that “spares Syria the dangers of foreign military intervention that we oppose.”

In other words, he wants the civil war in Syria to end but Western influence is a price too high to pay to stop it. It is telling that preventing more killings in Syria, which has taken the lives of about 30,000 Muslims to date, is secondary to fighting Israel and Western influence.

The third objective is coming to the rescue of Sudan, led by Omar al-Bashir, a war criminal indicted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges. His regime is allied with Iran and lets the Revolutionary Guards send weapons to Hamas through its territory. Bashir is in the process of turning Sudan into a full-fledged Sharia state. Interestingly, the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, led by Hasan al-Turabi, seeks his overthrow but can’t quite get a revolution to spark.

The fourth goal is to rally support for the newly-elected President of Somalia. He is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Somalia, al-Islah. He was immediately congratulated by Sheikh Qaradawi upon election.

Again, take notice of what Morsi didn’t say. His speech isn’t merely a call to support all countries undergoing transitions triggered by the Arab Spring. He didn’t even mention the elections in Libya. Why? It’s probably because the Islamists, including the Brotherhood, suffered a landslide defeat in Libya.

Morsi’s fifth stated goal is to mobilize the international community in support of a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by the end of the year. That means disarming Israel of one of the advantages it requires to ensure its survival.

The sixth goal is larger in nature. He calls for a vague reformation of the international financial system. Islamists often paint the system as being controlled by evil influences, usually some Zionist conspiracy. They are opposed to capitalism in the Western sense and want it to be brought into compliance with Sharia law. The movement for Sharia-compliant finance is part of this vision. This isn’t just a plan for Muslim countries. Towards the end of his speech, Morsi talked of the “need for a new global economic governance centered on people.”

Reformation of the United Nations is Morsi’s seventh stated objective. He specifically wants the Security Council changed. He didn’t come out and say it, but he’s unhappy that there isn’t a Muslim country with veto power over every U.N. decision. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of 57 Muslim countries, has huge influence in the U.N., but Morsi wants the U.N. to be as compliant with Sharia  as possible.

The final objective is fighting “Islamophobia.” He claimed that Muslims worldwide are being systematically persecuted, in line with the Islamist belief that true peace cannot come until Sharia rules the world. He stated that there’s an “organized campaign against Islamic sanctities.” He said he supports freedom of expression—but not one used to “incite hatred.”

Altogether, Morsi’s campaign for changing the international order sounds like a toned-down version of what Ahmadinejad said about the need for a “new world order” to replace “the system of empires.”

If you have any suspicion that I’m being too cynical about Morsi, read some of his quotes in a new pamphlet by Secure America Now (click here). His anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, pro-Hamas and anti-democratic beliefs are plain to see. Morsi speaks of the “Zionist and American enemy” and jihad to “free the land from the filth of the Jews.”

As for the peace treaty with Israel, he said in 2004 that there needs to be a “popular political program to restructure Egyptian-American relations and set a timetable to dispose the so-called peace agreement with the Zionist entity.” Why does he oppose peace with Israel? In another 2004 quote, he says, “there is no peace with the descendants of apes and pigs.”

Morsi’s U.N. speech may have sounded tame to ears untrained to hearing Islamist preaching, but there is nothing tame about the vision he laid out. Remember, it was at one of his own campaign rallies where he nodded his head as a preacher shouted, “We are seeing the dream of the Islamic Caliphate come true at the hands of Mohammed Morsi.”

Ryan Mauro is ClarionProject.org's National Security Analyst and a fellow with the Clarion Fund. He is the founder of WorldThreats.com and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.