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Walid al-Kubaisi: The Two-Faced Brotherhood

Thu, November 15, 2012

Ryan Mauro

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Walid al-Kubaisi is the producer and narrator of a must-see documentary broadcasted on Norwegian television in November 2010 titled, “Freedom, Equality and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Al-Kubaisi exposes the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Europe and how it is deceiving the world about its intentions, while highlighting the efforts of anti-Islamist Muslims to challenge the group. Remarkably, one of the Muslim reformers he interviews is Gamal al-Banna, the brother of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder. You can watch the one-hour film which appears at the end of this article.

Al-Kubaisi, who calls himself a “secular Muslim,” was born in Baghdad and became a civil engineer after graduating Baghdad University. He left Iraq in 1981 because of the Iran-Iraq War and worked as a journalist in Syria and Lebanon for six years. He then moved to Norway, where he lives today. He has published seven books and writes for major Norwegian newspapers.

The following is ClarionProject.org's National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro's interview with Al-Kubaisi:

Ryan Mauro: What prompted you to make the film?

Walid al-Kubaisi: There are two reasons that motivated me to make the film: The first is to defeat the popular “Eurabia” theory that there is a secret agreement between European leaders and the Arab states’ leaders where the Arab countries supply Europe with oil and Europe welcomes immigrants. Belief in this theory causes some people in Europe to look at any Muslim child as a guilty partner in this invasion.

I have managed to show that this is a conspiracy theory but there are Islamists who have an ambition to Islamize Europe. This ambition creates resistance to all Muslims and can cause conflicts that hurt the Muslim minority and undermine integration.

The second reason is to distinguish between a Muslim and an Islamist. Islam is a religion that has a place in a democracy. We Muslims have the right to practice, worship and integrate our religion in a democracy. Islamists have transformed Islam into an ideology. They have a political agenda in Europe and attempt to integrate Europe into Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been selected as a dialogue partner by the governments of many European countries. This wipes out any hope of integration of the Muslim minority. Any authority that establishes dialogue and cooperation with the Brotherhood has helped to destroy the opportunity of new Muslim generations to integrate.

Mauro: What was the reaction of the Muslim community to it?

Al-Kubaisi: The reaction to the film was very strong. The film is controversial because this idea of the conquest of Europe by those with an Islamic mission has not been debated before. The Islamists and the experts involved in the dialogue with the Brotherhood used a cheap tactic to control the debate in the West by suggesting that the film will create racism.

I believe that we must learn to distinguish between Muslims and Islamists and we must show that Islamist aspirations will create more hatred and Islamophobia if they are not being debated.

We in Norway have an extreme naivety based on something called “snillisme” in Norwegian culture that gives us hope that the Islamists will change. I believe that the history of the Brotherhood shows the opposite. They do not change. After the Arab Spring began, one of its leaders said that the Brotherhood has never changed since its founding by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 and will never change. They also talked about the Caliphate and world domination.

Therefore, I believe that this organization, with its fascist roots, does a double discourse: There is one for the Western public and another that they don’t talk about. When they speak Arabic among themselves, these ambitions pop up.

Mauro: Your film exposes the success of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Europe. Do you see the same thing happening in the U.S.?

Al-Kubaisi: My many years of study have concentrated on Europe, but the Brotherhood is a complex organization but they have the same procedure and the same overall objective around the world. They look at secular values as destructive and anti-Islamic. They will collaborate with Western governments to take power over the Muslim minority. The United States accepts them as leaders of the Arab Spring, despite the fact that they ran their campaign in Egypt based on the promise that Mohammed Morsi will realize the dream of the Caliphate.

Safwat Hijazi, one of the Brotherhood leaders, gave a speech in front of thousands of Egyptians where the Brotherhood leaders were present. The speech was broadcasted by Al-Nas TV. He talked about how Morsi’s victory will realize the Brotherhood’s Caliphate. The Caliphate is a theocratic form of government based on Sharia and it collides with democracy. He also said that they will create the United Arab States and its capital will be Jerusalem. This is a sign of a coming war with Israel. Promises to the West in respect to international agreements like Camp David are history.

But why Jerusalem? In one of the Prophet’s hadith, it states that the Prophet said that a Caliphate would be established in Jerusalem and the Imam Al-Mahdi, the Muslim messiah, will emerge. Some argue that this will happen soon. Other Brotherhood scholars believe it will happen in 2022 and others say 2023. When you mix politics with religion, superstition, myths and legends govern reason.

Mauro: How do Muslim reformers handle the issue of Sharia Law and its calls for creating an Islamic State?

Al-Kubaisi: Nothing in the Quran tells of an Islamic State. If Islam was to be the state and policy, God would have revealed Quranic verses detailing this type of power. Therefore, the Islamic State is a fundamentalist, extreme interpretation of Islam. Islam is a message of monotheism and moral rules. The Quran and Islam are meant for all Muslims in all times. This means that Islam must be understood in a new way appropriate to the time.

Prophet Mohammed practiced Islam in a way that fit his time. It was impossible to establish Islam without swords and power in the Arabian Peninsula where there was chaos and disorder. The circumstances lead the Prophet to interpret Islam in the form of Sharia—a theological law to suit the military life that he and Muslims were forced to live under.

In our time, it is ridiculous to claim we need a Sharia state that controls people with punitive measures like stoning and amputating hands. In the Prophet’s time, the city of Medina turned into a military camp because Islam was facing war. In such a society, it was the man who was responsible to provide for the woman. Therefore, one man was worth two women in testimony and heritage. In our time, there is equality where the woman works on an equal basis with me and she is not necessarily supported by him. Islam must be renewed and reformed, otherwise we will experience the extinction of Islam.

Mauro: Are anti-Islamist Muslims winning or losing against the Islamists in the West and the Middle East?

Al-Kubaisi: Islamism is a reaction to modernism. All traditional cultures are losing the battle against modernism and Western values. This victory is inevitable but we have a big task. Islamism is on the rise. The West and the U.S. have started dialogue and cooperation with them. They are organized. They have their political allies.

The Muslim Brotherhood had a meeting at the House of Literature in Oslo in which they invited Tariq Ramadan. They warned that I and other moderate Muslims are dangerous and a powerful force against their activity. If they did not see the impact that we, the anti-Islamists, have, they would not have declared this and arranged meetings to fight us with dishonest methods like rumors and propaganda.

The new generation is beginning to ask questions about the convergence of Islam and Norwegian society. This gives me hope, but we need support to organize ourselves.

Mauro: Tell us about your manifesto and what you hope to accomplish with it.

Al-Kubaisi: Our Muslims Against Islamism Manifesto has been translated into many languages and can be read in English by clicking here. This is our starting point to bring together all secular Muslims in Europe who stand against the Brotherhood.

If we can unite in Europe,  we will be able to combat the Islamization of society. In Norway, there is now a requirement that these Islamists have a prayer room in every school. Their ambition has no limits, but they say they are moderate. Their ideals are from the time of the Prophet and modern society doesn’t need them. Our manifesto not only combats the Brotherhood plans but fights against a possible Muslim holocaust in the future.

Watch Kubaisi's documentary: “Freedom, Equality and the Muslim Brotherhood” below:

Ryan Mauro is ClarionProject.org's National Security Analyst and a fellow with the Clarion Fund. He is the founder of WorldThreats.com and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.