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Calls to Stop Hijacking a Tragedy to Promote Hate

By The Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow

The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow strongly condemns the ongoing sectarian strife and systematic slaughter of religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan. The latest outrage is the targeted massacre of some 93 Shias belonging to the Hazara ethnic group in Quetta, Pakistan, by individuals linked to the Sunni-jihadi militias such as Lashkar e Jhangvi and Sipahi e Sahaba.

These notorious Sunni militias are criminal terrorist organizations secretly funded by the intelligence wing of the Pakistani military and at their bidding spreading fear that undermines civilian authorities and threatens electoral politics in a country with a terribly long and tortured history of military rule.

While most reports of the recent killings in Quetta describe the dead as victims of “sectarian violence,” the fact is those involved in committing the massacre of the Hazara Shias are known to intelligence agencies of the Pakistani army, and these agencies consistently turn a blind eye to the violence perpetuated by Sunni-jihadi groups such as Lashkar e Jhangvi or Sipahi e Sahaba.

It is quite obvious that the Pakistani military and its Sunni-jihadi allies have learned nothing from the past, of how top-down machinations of religious-sectarian and ethnic divisions in 1970-71 precipitated the military organized genocide of Bengalis, civil war and eventual dismemberment of the country. Those who refuse to learn from the past and deny history, they are then condemned to keep repeating the horrors of their own making.

At home in Canada, Muslims in general are deeply concerned and worried about such crimes as occurred in Quetta. They have organized protest rallies to express their concerns in public. But sadly, and to the horror of most Canadian Muslims, there are Muslims in the community who shamelessly and without any conscience seek to exploit such tragedies, as the one in Quetta, to advance their own subversive agenda in this country.

Muslims Facing Tomorrow was shocked to see one protest rally organized for the evening of January 14 in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto is blaming the persecution of Shia Muslims in Pakistan on a “Zionist Plot.”

“It is deeply painful to see how such medieval conspiracy theories persist inside the Muslim community,” said Raheel Raza, President of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

“At a time when the Muslim community faces serious internal issues,” Raza stated, “it is shameful we continue to find some Muslims who place blames on others for Muslim failings. Painful as it is, the time is long past to keep denying we Muslims and no one else are the authors of our own misfortune. Fantasizing over such ridiculous idea that there is a ‘Zionist Plot’ serves only to deepen our self-inflicted misery, to avoid learning any lesson from our past history, and in refusing to be responsible for our present deny any hope for our future.”

Muslims Facing Tomorrow is an organization for all Muslims to be an integral part of Canada’s liberal democracy and participate in it as equal proud Canadians.