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The Archbishop Submits to Islam: Will He Have Blood on His Hands?

by Kerry Patton

After a team of “unknown” (read: Hezbollah) criminals kidnapped Lebonese Pastor Walid Gharious, the unimaginable occurred.  The Archbishop of Baalbek-Deir al-Ahmar, Semaan (Simon) Atallah, submitted to Islam by placing the life of one of his own congregents in mortal jeopardy.

Here's the story: Three years ago, Pastor Gharious, baptized 24-year old Banin Qataya. Banin was a former Muslim who was forced by her father -- Sheikh Ahmad Qataya, Imam of the mixed Bekaa town of Nabha -- to marry a man against her own will. Approximately two weeks ago, she fled from her father’s home in an attempt to escape the physical and psychological abuse she endured.

A few days after her escape, Pastor Ghariuos was abducted. Not one Lebanese media outlet had the courage to identify Pastor Gharious’s abductors as Hezbollah terrorists. After reading numerous accounts of the situation, it is more than clear who was behind this atrocity.

Banin's father vowed on LBC TV that he would wage a “civil war” in Lebanon to get his daughter back. It is obvious that he rounded up his henchmen, who are part of Hezbollah, and began to enact his threat by abducting Gharious. Of note, the Sheik's town of Nabah is approximately 13 miles from Hezbollah’s stronghold of Baalbek.

According to Sawtbeirut.com, “The priest was driving his Toyota Avanza when the abductors, who were in two silver-and black-colored Grand Cherokee SUVs, intercepted him.” This statement alone proves that bystanders witnessed the event and enough circumstantial evidence exists that  investigators could eventually identify the kidnappers.

Archbishop Semaan Attallah was aware of multiple incidents involving armed terrorists shooting at his congregation in retaliation of the Baptism. CatholicCulture.org quoted the Archbishop as saying, “Last Wednesday, unknown assailants fired gunshots at the house of a priest from the Kairouz family in the town of Nabha, and a similar incident occurred on Sunday before the start of the municipal elections when shots were fired at the Our Lady Church in Nabha, and we have conducted intensive contacts with the relevant parties in the area in order to settle the situations.”

So the Archbishop conducted “intensive contacts with relevant parties.” Who were those “relevant parties?” Clearly, they were Hezbollah.

What happened next? Archbishop Attallah physically went to the office of Hezbollah official Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek and delivered Banin to her parents (who were there) and to the very organization that has done nothing but evil in Lebanon. Banin's delivery was obviously part of a negotiation to return Pastor Gharious, who was reportedly also released to Yazbek..

Instead of fulfilling his duty to his own, Archbishop Attallah submitted to Islam's demands as well as to the demands of the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization. Unlike Pastor Gharious, who fully understood his commitment as a Christian -- the Pastor was willing to risk his own life to convert Muslims to Christianity --  Archbishop Attallah gave up one of Christianity’s own  children.

While no one can say for certain what lays ahead for Banin Qataya now that she is in the custody of her father, it is easy to speculate what her fate will be. According to Sura 4:89, Banin Qataya will likely be killed:

“They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” (Quran.com)

If Banin is killed, it is Archbishop Attallah that will have her blood on his hands -- blood comes from one of his own. He has betrayed his people and worse, he has betrayed his God and those of us who follow the faith of Christianity.

Kerry Patton, a combat service disabled veteran, is a senior analyst for WIKISTRAT  and author of Sociocultural Intelligence: The New Discipline of Intelligence Studies and the children's book American Patriotism. You can follow him on Facebook or at www.kerry-patton.com.