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Egyptian Court Sentences 3 Al Jazeera Journalists to Prison

Submitted by Emily on Sun, 2015-08-30 10:35

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Mon, August 3, 2015 Egyptian Militia Claims Allegiance to ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood

Screenshot from 'A Message to the Agents of the Despots.'

Screenshot from 'A Message to the Agents of the Despots.'

While Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claims it does not carry out military operations, a new armed militia says (Arabic link) it belongs to both the brotherhood and Islamic State.

The Battalion of al-Ansar in Giza produced a video in which it threatened to carry out terror attacks against the army and police force. It also promises to “slaughter” civilians to avenge those killed in Muslim Brotherhood protests in the country.

The video, "A Message to the Agents of the Despots," alleges that informants are helping the security forces learn of Muslim Brotherhood activities.

“We’re coming for you with slaughter," says the narrator.  "We know your whereabouts and your movements. Know that we are preparing.”

The video includes the ISIS flag but according to el-Watan the battalion belongs to the Brotherhood. The clip includes attacks on police vehicles and their torching along with ISIS clips showing barbaric slayings.



Tue, July 28, 2015 Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Okays Suicide Bombings

Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi. (Photo: Screenshot)

Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi. (Photo: Screenshot)

Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the world’s most eminent Sunni clerics, has issued a fatwa permitting suicide bombers to self-detonate if requested by a group.

Qaradawi responded to a question on a TV show regarding a person blowing themselves against a group who belongs to a tyrannical regime, even if it results in casualties among civilians.

Qaradawi says it is permitted, provided it occurs within the framework of a group. Individuals are prohibited from carrying out suicide bombings on their own.

The remarks were made during the program Ala-Masouliyati (I Am Responsible) which is broadcast on the Egyptian satellite channel Sada el-Balad (The Echo of The Country).  

An Egyptian TV host opens by saying

“Look what Qaradawi is saying, O religious sages. What is your opinion, O Egyptians, O Islamic world? O the West? Come and see this criminal, come and see what Qaradawi is saying.”

It then cuts to the clip itself.

An interviewer asks Qaradawi: “Especially in the Syrian war, when a person blows himself up against a certain group which belongs to the tyrannical regime, even if it causes casualties among civilians, what is the law?”

Qaradawi responds: “The basic thing is this, it’s not allowed unless it is within the planning of a group. Generally, a person fights and is killed, but to blow himself up, the group must have a specific need for this. When the group sees that it needs someone to be a suicide bomber against others, when it is needed, and the group plans how he will do it, with a minimum number of casualties, it is permitted.

“An individual is not allowed to do it. If a person wants to blow himself up, NO! You are not allowed to act on your own. You must act within the borders of the group, you give yourself to the group. The group is the one which sends individuals according to its needs. But individuals don’t act on their own. This is what is needed on this issue.

The TV host then returns, castigating Qaradawi.

He says “Of this Mufti the terrorist tells you that it doesn’t matter if your victims are civilians? If the group tells you to you can do whatever you want? You have a fatwa that allows the spilling of blood, assassinations, blowing up, suicides, no problem at all! Even if a person is a civilian! The civilian doesn’t matter!”  

In April 2014 the Huffington Post listed Qaradawi in a slideshow called 'Muslim Leaders Condemn Terrorism.'

This video is in Arabic

Egypt Kills 241 Sinai Jihadis

Submitted by Emily on Tue, 2015-07-07 06:50

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Tue, June 30, 2015 Did the Muslim Brotherhood Kill Top Egyptian Prosecutor?

Egypt police stand guard at the site of the bomb attack which killed Attorney-General Hisham Barakat (Photo: © Reuters)

Egypt police stand guard at the site of the bomb attack which killed Attorney-General Hisham Barakat (Photo: © Reuters)

Egypt’s lead prosecutor Hisham Barakat was killed in a car bomb attack on his motorcade June 29. The 65 year old died of his wounds in hospital.

Several others were wounded in the attack.

He is the most senior official in the Egyptian government to have been killed since the popularly backed coup in 2013. As attorney general he brought to trial thousands of Islamists, dozens of senior Muslim Brotherhood members as part of the new government’s crackdown on the now outlawed Islamist group. Many of those have been sentenced to death.

A group calling itself the Popular Resistance in Giza claimed responsibility for the attack on its Facebook page, but later took the post down. That Facebook page has since disappeared from Facebook.

Egyptian media reports that the Popular Resistance in Giza is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

An unnamed local resident told CBC “We feel like we’re living in a time of war – like we can’t take our kids out. We thought everything was supposed to be safe now.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Islamic State released a video of an earlier attack on Egyptian judges.

The clip opens with Quranic verses being sung and images of various Egyptian judges and deposed Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi.

It then goes on to show the drive by shooting of an Egyptian judge

For more information on the Muslim Brotherhood take a look at our factsheet.

Egypt Court Hands Morsi Death Sentence in Blow To Muslim Brotherhood

Submitted by Emily on Wed, 2015-06-17 09:38

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Sun, June 14, 2015 State Dept.Will Not Meet Brotherhood Leaders - This Time

Muslim Brotherhood Judge Walid Al-Sharabi flashed the four-fingered Rabia sign at the State Department during a visit in January.

Muslim Brotherhood Judge Walid Al-Sharabi flashed the four-fingered Rabia sign at the State Department during a visit in January.

Leaders from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are visiting Washington for a private conference and the State Department will not be meeting with them.

A day prior to the announcement, Reuters reported the Egyptian government summoned the U.S. ambassador to express concerns about the visit, given Egypt’s status as an American ally and the Muslim Brotherhood’s designation as a terrorist group.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke told reporters “We've decided not to hold a meeting.”

He stressed "We engage with representatives from across the political spectrum” before adding “[I] don't have any further reasoning than we simply aren't meeting with them this time.”

The Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt for a year after the revolution in 2011. President Mohammed Morsi was deposed by the military in a popularly-backed coup after over 15 million people took to the streets to demand the resignation of the government.

Ideologically the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to turning Egypt into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law and eventually establishing a global Islamic caliphate.

The new government, headed by former army chief President Abelfattah el-Sisi, outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group and arrested many of its leaders. In October 2014, the Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments says the Islamic State is descended from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the government.

In January a delegation from the Islamist group met with State Department officials.

One of the delegates posted a photo of himself to social media flashing the four-fingered Rabia sign, the symbol of opposition to Sisi’s government.

A statement released by the Muslim Brotherhood about the meeting concludes “the Revolution is the only strategic option to break the military coup.”

Egypt's Former President, Muslim Brotherhood Member Morsi Given Death Sentence in Jailbreak Case

Submitted by Emily on Sun, 2015-05-17 05:03

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