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Egypt's High Schoolers Learn Cannabalism OK for Non-Muslims

Wed, January 30, 2013

In the above video, an Islamic scholar in Egypt exposes the content of one of the books in Egypt's high school curriculum designed by Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, which allows cannibalism against non-Muslims and apostates.

The T.V interviewer asks, “However, isn’t this from old times, during the spread of Islam?” to which the scholar answers, “This is what is being taught to kids right now. When they teach them this kind of stuff, their minds cannot accept civilization anymore.”

Al Azhar is one of the most respected institutions in the Islamic world and the site chosen by President Obama to give his historic “Arab reconciliation” speech in 2009, shortly after his first election. Obama insisted that Muslim Brotherhood representatives be invited to the speech, even though the organization was still officially outlawed in Egypt.

In this latest expose, the high school textbook for third year students reads, “We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions… he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him.”

In addition, the book says that those that do not pray can be “grilled and then eaten.”

The books also says that “a married adulterer, a fighter or whoever gave up praying and whoever has a punishment on him, “ can be killed, “even if the imam did not give his permission for the killing.”

Egypt’s new constitution calls for religious scholars from Al-Azhar to be the advisors of Egypt’s newly approved constitution, which calls for the implementation of sharia (Islamic) law. Although the scholars will not have the final say in a legal dispute, neither will Egypt’s Constitutional Court.

Al-Azhar has been described as “the seat of Sunni Islam, where scholars propagate Islamic religion and culture worldwide.” The institution is more than a thousand years old.

The scholar in the video says that even though these edicts are from 1,000 years ago, “they [Al-Azhar's imams] force it on us, or else we won’t be considered as Muslims.” It is for this reason that the scholar says that he doesn’t belong to any of the sects of Islam.