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Hate Preacher Lives Off UK Largesse

Mon, February 18, 2013

Anjem Choudary at one of his

Anjem Choudary at one of his "protests" (Photo: © Reuters)

It is one thing for Britain to tolerate preachers of hate, violence and terrorism in its midst, but to provide them with financial support is quite another. That absurdity is exactly what is happening in Britain.

Anjem Choudary, one of Britain's most notorious hate preachers who spews the most outrageous, extremist and frightening venomous messages, receives £25,000 (close to $39,000) a year in benefits from the British government while living in a £320,000 ($500,000) home in East London. Figures showed that the extremist cleric received £15,600 ($24,200) a year in housing benefits, a £1,820 ($2,800) council tax allowance, £5,200 ($8,000) in income support (which is more than some of the British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan make) and £3,120 ($4,800) in child benefits.

He called these benefits, “Jihad seeker's allowance” and urged his followers to claim the same allowances. "You need to get support," he told his followers. Choudary says it is justifiable to take money from non-believers. "The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar [non-believers]. You [the non-believers] work, [and] give us the money, Allahu Akhbar (God is great)."

Born in Britain, Choudary, a former lawyer and chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, is a self-declared cleric who tells his audiences that sharia law must be implemented in the UK, and that they should claim welfare benefits as part of their struggle to bring about this state.

He is the founder of the al-Muhajiroun organization which are known for holding anti-Western demonstrations. He is also the spokesman for the Islamist group “Islam4UK.” Britain banned both groups based on the country's  Terrorism Act.

Choudary has heaped glowing praise upon the September 11 terrorists and has made derogatory remarks against Pope Benedict XVI, for which he was investigated but never charged.

See ClarionProject.org’s Interview with Choudary: Steps to an Islamic Caliphate

The British newspaper, The Sun, recently secretly filmed some of Choudary's meetings which featured his bile-filled diatribes. In one meeting he called PM Cameron and President Obama the shaitan (devil) and said he wanted them killed. "What ultimately do we want to happen to them? Maybe I’m the only one who wants the shaitan to be killed. The shaitan should be finished. There should be no shaitan, “ he said, adding, "Reject them with our tongue. Reject them with our heart. In our heart have hatred towards them."

In another meeting videoed by The Sun, Choudary spoke of an Islamic “'tsunami” that is taking place in Europe, with Islamic immigrants sweeping across Europe and slowly taking over and populating it, "We are going to take England – the Muslims are coming … The reality is changing," he said, added that Brussels is 30 per cent Muslim, Amsterdam is 40 per cent Muslim and Bradford [UK] is 17 per cent Muslim.

In an article titled, “Time for the Threat to be Taken Seriously,” Shiraz Maher, an expert on religious radicals at King's College articulated the feelings and sentiments of British citizens.

He wrote that it is difficult to think of a more direct provocation against Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama than the words uttered by Anjem Choudary.  Non-Muslims stand in horror and watch in shock as he mocks British values while living off public assistance paid for by taxes of hard working families. His message should not be treated lightly, especially as it is aimed at a young and impressionable audience, many of whom boast of fighting jihads abroad and many were convicted in Britain of terrorism. His radical disciples have organized vigilante patrols and threaten anybody who does not conform to sharia law. At the end of his article, Maher wrote, "This is not what Britain is about."

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