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A Liberal Film Maker's Odyssey into Radical Islam

Thu, February 9, 2012

Film maker Eric Allen Bell was a regular blogger for the “Daily Kos,” a hugely popular Leftist-liberal website, until he began writing about real human rights abuses – Muslims living under Shariah law. While producing a documentary called “Not Welcome,” chronicling the backlash against construction of a 53,000 foot mosque in America’s Bible Belt, Bell took a ride with a taxi driver who was an Egyptian Christian Coptic.

Bell was shocked to hear that instead of welcoming the overthrow of the corrupt Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the driver was living in dread, fearing for his family’s life, once the Muslim Brotherhood would take over and Sharia law would rule.   

Thus began Bell’s investigation into the horrific world of human rights abuse at the hand of the radical Islamists.  For the crime of writing three articles exposing these abuses to the liberal Left, and specifically naming “Loonwatch.com” as a “terrorist spin control network,” Bell was banned from writing for the “Daily Kos,” labeled an Islamophobe and disowned by many of his friends.

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