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Poll Reveals Chilling View of Post-Revolution Egypt

Wed, November 14, 2012

A new poll taken to gauge the views of the Egyptian people shows a telling -- and chilling view – of the Egyptian population post-revolution. For those who envisioned the Arab Spring bringing with it a favorable view democracy in the Arab world, with its values of peace and tolerance, the results of this recent survey prove that view dead wrong.

Three years ago, 41 % of Egyptians said they wanted their country to acquire a nuclear bomb. Now, 87% of Egyptians said they "would be happy" if Egypt acquired the bomb.

Even though Shi’ite Muslims are viewed unfavorably by Egypt’s Sunni Muslims (68% according this poll), 62% of Egyptians said that “Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are friends of Egypt,” despite Iran’s hard-line Shi’ite affiliation.  In addition, 65% expressed a desire to restore diplomatic relations with Iran, and 61% supported the Iranian nuclear program.

Egypt’s recently elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi broke three decades of a freeze in Egyptian-Iranian relations (the result of the Islamic revolution in Iran and Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel) when he visited Iran last month. At the time, Iran’s deputy defense minister proclaimed, "We are ready to help Egypt to build nuclear reactors and satellites."

 A dramatic change in the Egyptian population’s view of Israel was also prominent in the results of the poll. Just three years ago, less than 25 percent of Egyptians favored breaking Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. Now, 77 percent agreed that "The peace treaty with Israel is no longer useful and should be dissolved."

Although Cairo’s ambassador to Israel told Israel’s president last week that Egypt is committed to the peace treaty, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have ratcheted up their anti-Israel rhetoric to unprecedented degrees. Both have spoken against the peace treaty.

On a final note, despite U.S. President Barak Obama’s policy of outreach to the Muslim world, which he started at the beginning of his administration with his speech in Cairo (where the president insisted that representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood, at the time an outlawed organization in Egypt, be present), 60 percent of Egyptians think that the Obama administration has been a “negative thing” for the Arab world.

The poll, conducted by the Israel Project, was widely reported in the Iranian state-controlled media.