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Spain Accelerates Proceedings Against Anti-Islamist Filmmaker

Tue, January 8, 2013

RadicalIslam. Org recently reported on the plight of Filmmaker Imran Firasat in our article, Spain to Deport Filmmaker for Anti-Islam Documentary. Firasat, a native Pakistani, was granted asylum in Spain seven years ago after receiving death threats in Pakistan for criticizing Islam and marrying a non-Muslim.

In the recent weeks, after Firasat announced he was involved in a video project critical of Islam, Firasat has been hounded by Spanish authorities. First, he was arrested and freed only on the condition that he would not participate in the video, to which he agreed to those conditions. Next threatened with deportation, even those he had pulled out of the video project.

Deportation papers were served and he was given a month to file an appeal in court. Spanish authorities say Firasat is a “threat to national security.” Further, he has been charged with violating Spanish Penal Code #510 for inciting hatred and violence for racial, ideological or religious reasons.

The following is a letter from Firasat with a disturbing update:

As you all know that my refugee status was revoked by the Spanish ministry of interior for the reason that my activities against Islam are a risk for the national security of Spain. I was given a month for filing an appeal, which I am in process of doing so. But the persecution doesn´t end here. All what the Spanish authorities have done against me in order to make the Muslim world happy is not yet sufficient for them.

This evening I got a call from the police station. I was ordered to come to the police station and return back my residence card. I told them that, look, I am in the process of filing an appeal and you can´t do that to me. I need to have my identity until the high court gives the final word on my status. I refused to go to the police station.

But as usual the Spanish authorities are in so much hurry for deporting me to Pakistan that they by themselves came to my home at 11:00 pm and ordered me to return back my residence card. I was also threatened that from now on I am not anymore a legal resident of this country and that I am an illegal immigrant who can be caught or deported anytime.

Losing my residence card means I am a stateless person now without any identity. Anytime any policeman can put me behind the bars for being an illegal immigrant. I can´t even work as my work permission has also been revoked by the Spanish authorities. They have made me handicapped. They didn´t even wait for the judgment from the high court on my appeal.

You know why this all is happening to me? For criticizing Islam. My status in Spain has not been revoked because I have committed a crime according to the Spanish law, but I am being persecuted because of my opposition against Islam. Now expressing our view on Islam in the Western world has been declared as an official crime. Spain is feared by the Islamic world. The Spanish authorities have given a message to the Muslim world that Spain has lost its dignity and that Spain is going to live like the Muslim world wants. Do you think in this manner the Islamic terrorism and injustice can be stopped? Of course not. This encourages Muslims more to continue the path they have been following and not to be changed.

Friends, I am sad and shocked. Where is my right of freedom of expression? Why instead of being protected, I am being persecuted by the Spanish authorities? Is it a crime now to speak the truth about Islam? Am I going to die because of my opinions on Islam? I need the world´s support. If I get deported to Pakistan (which is highly probable now), then never again will anyone dare to fight publicly against Islam´s violent ideology, and the world will have to submit to Islam. Please raise your voice for me and help me to be protected. Thank you very much.