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Toronto Madrassa Found Teaching Jihad, Anti-Semitism

Tue, November 13, 2012

Police in Toronto have decided not to charge an Islamic school with hate crimes for their pro-jihadist and anti-Semitic curriculum. The school, the East End Madrassah, had been under police investigation after it was revealed that boys in the school were encouraged to keep physically fit to be ready for jihad, when the time comes.

In addition, some of the school’s educational materials were published by Iranian foundations that act as fronts for the Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s regime. Passages in these books refer to Jews as “crafty” and “treacherous” and contrast Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis.”

In announcing its decision not to bring criminal charges against the school, the police said certain passages in the 30 books on the school’s syllabus “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance.”

According to The National Post, police held Principal Masuma Jessa and Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi responsible saying, “As leaders in their respective roles the two must accept responsibility for failing to appropriately screen the learning material. Although not held criminally responsible, the complaint has raised a legitimate concern and has prompted change.”

Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre are quoted as praising the police while at the same time expressing disappointment that no charges would be brought in the case.

“The anti-Semitic hate contained in the curriculum of Toronto’s East End Madrassah was blatant,” said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. “It is frightening to learn that this revolting content … is being taught to young children; their minds are being poisoned and I cannot imagine how these youngsters will one day become grown-ups capable of functioning as tolerant and respectful adults in a multicultural society.”

The school has since apologized and said it would review its materials. Pending the investigation, the Toronto District School Board had revoked the school’s permit to hold classes on its property.

The madrassah is run by a mosque in Thornhill, Ont., and rents space at the  David and Mary Thomson Collegiate high school for four hours a week on Sundays.