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Toulouse Shooter's Brother Denounces Poisonous, Anti-Semitic Family

Wed, November 14, 2012

The brother of Mohammed Merah, the Toulouse killer, has co-written a book on his terrorist brother. The book Mon frère, ce terroriste: un homme dénonce l’islamisme, “My brother, this terrorist: a man denounces Islamism,” will be released today.

Mohammed Merah, 23, killed seven people in southwest France last March, including a Rabbi and his two sons as well as another young girl at a Jewish school in Toulouse before being killed himself by French police at the end of a 30-hour siege. His other victims were members of the French armed forces. Merah, a petty criminal, claimed ties to Al-Qaeda.

Abdelghani Merah, Mohammed’s older brother, was interviewed by M6 television Sunday evening. News sites have also published excerpts from the book.

In the book, Abdelghani graphically describes his family as obsessed with hatred of “every Jew without distinction” and blamed that “hatred and racism” for the radicalization of his brother. “The Salafists had only to harvest the flower of this hatred.”

According to published excerpts, Abdelghani made a silent vow on the day of Mohamed's funeral to tell the world how he and his siblings were raised on anti-Semitism, particularly by his mother.

(His mother was initially held for questioning but was later released; his father left the family when the children were young and went back to Algeria. He is now in the process of suing France for Mohammed's death, which he claims could have been prevented.)

Abdelghani denounces the “odious atmosphere” of his family, who he described as obsessed with the hatred of the “unbelievers.”

"My mother always said, 'We, the Arabs, we were born to hate Jews.' This speech, I heard it all throughout my childhood," Abdelghani is quoted as saying in a documentary which aired last Sunday on French television. The documentary also featured his sister, Souad, who voiced her pride in Mohammed.

“My brother lived in a family that predestined him at best to delinquency and at worst to terrorism. We were programmed to become outlaws,” Abdelghani said.

He also described his childhood and how the family, originally from Algeria, spend every summer there, noting that his entire family supported the outlawed Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) and Armed Islamic Group) (GIA) terrorist organizations. (The GIA was responsible for a series of terrorist attacks in France between 1995-96.)

Abdelghani also denounced their oldest brother, Abdelkader, as the “tumor” who “had a lot” to do with drawing Mohamed to Salafism and to the murderous attacks he perpetrated – to the point where he surmises that Abdelkader most likely knew of Mohammed’s jihadist intentions.

Abdelkader is facing charges in the case and remains in police custody

In an interview, Abdelghani related how, in 2003, while he was dating a Jewish girl, one of his brothers stabbed him, saying, “Leave your dirty Jew girl.”

The author also speaks of his extended family as fascinated by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US, calling them “uncultivated, ignorant and permeable to retrograde ideas.”