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Unveiled Women Report Being Barred From Voting in Egypt

Tue, December 18, 2012

Opposition has mounted against unfair election practices in Egypt’s constitutional referendum. Woman without veils – Muslim and Christian -- have reported that they were not allowed to vote in the election.

Reports of other polling violations have also been rampant, after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist president Mohammed Morsi claimed a 57 percent majority in the first round of voting held last Saturday.

Secular opponents of Morsi say that judges – required at polling stations – were not always present. Instead, civilian Muslim Brotherhood supporters were seen officiating at the polls, as well as campaigning inside polling stations (another election violation.

With the second round of voting scheduled for Saturday, December 22, the State Council Judges Club has announced that they will boycott their job of supervising the voting in protest of voting fraud. Even the Morsi-installed prosecutor general has announced his resignation, according a source in the judiciary. Morsi had installed a supporter into this post after he assumed all-encompassing powers in the weeks before the referendum.

Meanwhile, Gemany announced it will be postponing indefinitely its prior commitment to send $316 million to relieve Egypt’s debt over concerns about the country’s commitment to democracy. Germany's Development Minister Dirk Niebel was quoted in the daily Berliner Zeitung as saying, "There is the danger that the dictatorial system of ousted president (Hosni) Mubarak is returning."

Mass protests have been called for December 18 by the opposition coalition called the National Salvation Front. The Front urged Egyptians to "take to the streets on Tuesday to defend their freedoms, prevent fraud and reject the draft constitution."

Source: Israel National News