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Watch Webinar: 'Hitler's Islamist Allies and the War Today"

Thu, February 28, 2013

ClarionProject.org's latest live webinar, "Hitler's Islamist Allies and the War Today: The History Lesson That Wasn't in Your School Textbook," is now available on the above video.

The webinar's presenter is ClarionProject.org's National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro, who delves into the past and present history of the Muslim Brotherhood to prepare us to confront this powerful and growing movement today.

The Brotherhood is dedicated to the establishment of a worlwide Islamic caliphate under Sharia (Islamic) law. The Brotherhood often hides it's ideology in the guise of "moderation" in order to infiltrate Western society in a non-threatening ways, as explicited stated by the Muslim Brotherhood's Explanatory Memorandum, a document delineating their strategic goals.

In the U.S., the Brotherhood has set up a series front organizations which present themselves as Muslim rights groups dedicated to fighting so-called "Islamophobia." But their stated objective, according to their own documents,  is "to wage a grand jihad" to bring America down from within.