Mon, April 30, 2012 Briefs Legislators, Activists in South Carolina

After the presentation, legislators vowed to fight the 'American Laws for American Courts' bill during the next legislative session to prevent state courts from enforcing rulings based on foreign law, including Islamic Sharia.

On April 24, South Carolinian legislators and political activists saw The Third Jihad and were briefed by’s national security analyst, Ryan Mauro. The audience was shocked to learn about the existence of “Holy Islamville” practically in their backyard in York County, South Carolina. “Holy Islamville” is a compound about 36 acres large that is run by Islamic extremists (click here for more information).

After the presentation, legislators stood up and vowed to fight for a bill based on American Laws for American Courts during the next legislative session, which would prevent state courts from enforcing rulings based on foreign law, including Islamic Sharia law, that violate the civil liberties of American citizens. The website, Shariah in American Courts, lists 50 Appellate Court cases where Muslim-Americans had their cases decided according to Sharia law.

Ten members of South Carolina’s General Assembly attended, including House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, Rep. Alan Clemmons, Rep. Chris Murphy, Rep. Rick Quinn, Rep. Anne Thayer, Rep. Nelson Hardwick, Rep. Bill Chumley and State Senators Larry Grooms, Ronnie Cromer and Jake Knotts.

Rep. Clemmons tweeted the truth about “Holy Islamville” to his followers during the event, and Rep. Quinn also tweeted that he was watching the film.

“Thank you to Ryan Mauro, the Clarion Fund and the Myrtle Beach Tea Party for partnering with us to raise awareness of the threat of radical Islam—not just abroad, but right here in South Carolina! Your insight, together with the screening of The Third Jihad, left no doubt of the need for vigilance against an insidious enemy to America’s political, legal and social systems,” said Rep. Clemmons.

“Your presentation imprinted a clear sense of urgency upon me and the other legislators in attendance of the need for moving forward legislation like the American Laws for American Courts bill. Again, on behalf of South Carolina, thank you!” he said.

This event was only possible because of the generous support of those who believe in this cause. You can help make these events happen by making a tax-deductible contribution here.

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The following is a video of the questions asked after the event and Ryan's answers: