Homegrown Threat

The population of Muslims living in the United States is rising fast. Immigration and religious conversions have made Islam the fastest growing religion in the U.S. And while America has always been a safe haven and melting pot for new citizens with varying religious beliefs, the rapid growth of Islam is causing concern across the country.

America has no issues with the religion of Islam. Freedom of religion is one of America’s greatest strengths. The concern is that some Muslims in the U.S. are learning radical ideology.

There are Muslims in the United States—albeit a minority—taught extremist views that run counter to everything we hold dear as Americans. In various mosques, and in U.S. prisons Muslims are listening to sermons that are un-American.

Radical Islam does not urge its followers to adopt America’s democratic social structure. They urge taking over, and instituting an extremist Sharia law that restricts human rights and creates inequality among citizens.

And if you think that a growing Muslim population cannot threaten America, just look at Europe. Radical Islam rooted in Sharia law is now practiced throughout many sections of the continent, shocking Europeans of many generations.

The rapid spread of Radical Islam in Europe is sending a shockwave through nations that are now fighting to retain their identity. If we are not aware of the threat, America could be next.

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