Rights and Freedoms

Non-Muslims, women, political dissidents, and homosexuals have been favored targets of human rights abuse by the Iranian regime. The government has denied and abused the civil, political, and sexual rights of these groups.  

Although the Iranian Constitution recognizes Christians and Jews as People of the Book and grants them the right to practice their religion in Iran, these rights are limited and unenforced. Non-Muslims are a highly persecuted second class. Conversion from Islam to another religion is prohibited and punishable by death. 

Members of the Baha'i faith, Iran's largest religious minority, are considered heretics because their religion—created after the advent of Islam—does not recognize Mohammed as the final prophet.  Many within Iran hold that Baha’is must choose between repentance and death.  They have been subject to arrest, brutality and murder.

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    Clarion Fund presents a webinar: Women's Rights & Human Rights Under Shariah Law presented by leading Middle East expert and acclaimed author, Nonie Darwish. This webinar was originally broadcast on November 2, 2011
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    Human rights abuses are increasing as Tehran's leaders use public executions to send a message to dissenters.


    Not that the world requires more evidence, but Mohammad-Javad Larijani's speech last month is proof of the barbarity of the Islamic regime in Iran.