State-Sponsored Terror

It All Links Back to Iran: State Sponsor of Terror

Iran’s record clearly speaks for itself.  Iran is the single largest state sponsor of terror in the world.  All too many of the world’s major terrorist attacks during the last 30 years can be traced back to Iran.

Ever since the 444 day U.S. Embassy Hostage Crisis, the guardians of Iran’s Islamic Revolution have used terror as a primary means of stating their objectives and accomplishing their goals of exporting an ideology.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps received their initial training in coordination with Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization.  Today, with over 150,000 members, many consider the IRGC to be the world’s largest terror organization; significantly larger than al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

To increase the influence of militant power beyond its own borders, Iran has carried out the majority of terror actions through the use of proxies—quasi-independent organizations, that can carry out acts of terror on behalf of Iranian interests.  Proxies also have the added benefit of disguising the identity of an attack’s mastermind.

And they wasted little time before making their murderous impact felt.

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