Threat Scenarios

What are the dangers of a nuclear equipped Iran? What would they be capable of doing?

There are frightening scenarios like a nuclear air blast, a nuclear attack delivered via ground or sea, and the danger of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) which can instantly render electronic devices within a large radius totally out of commission, wreaking havoc on society and infrastructure.

Air Burst

When Americans try to visualize the threat of a nuclear blast, the first thing that often comes to mind is a nuclear warhead attached to a ballistic missile, that can be shot from ships, trucks or submarines A nuclear explosion in the heart of America’s cities could cause unthinkable damage, radiation and loss of life.

Iran has been consistently building a vast ballistic weapons program.  Missiles including Fajr-3 and Shahab-3 enable the delivery of a biological, chemical or nuclear payload anywhere in the Middle East, and reaching into parts of Europe. Iranian Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles will be able to deliver a payload to the United States by 2015. 

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