Stealth Threat: What is Terrorism?

What is terrorism and why is it only a small component in radical Islam's global Jihad.

Stealth Jihad is a major threat that impacts our lives daily not through domestic terrorism. Political Islam is alive and present worldwide and in the United States. Major banks including Citibank and Bank of America have large divisions dedicated to Sharia Finance, a type of banking that limits the way funds are invested, and guarantees donations to Islamic charities.

Plus, Radical Islam is influencing the education of our children from grade school through college. Saudis are funding the Middle East Policy centers at major universities. These universities then help set public school curriculums and recommend Social Studies textbooks for your children to use.

Radical Islam also takes full advantage of our legal system. Radical organizations charge liberal opponents with defamation.

Furthermore, we are helping to fund terrorist activities. Just guess where a portion of the money goes after we purchase gasoline?

The influence of Radical Islam is growing in the United States, right before our very eyes.

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