Legal Manipulation

Legal manipulation is a tactic employed by Radical Muslims. Western media, government, court and school systems are all being skillfully manipulated by radicals. This manipulation includes the hiring of lawyers to silence oppositions. It includes the infiltration of school boards, textbook distributors, and government entities.

Lawfare also known as "stealth Jihad," "soft Jihad," or "legal Jihad" aims to hijack western freedoms and to undermine entire societies.

Under the strategy of lawfare, lawsuits are filed without expectations of winning. Rather, suits are filed to demoralize, intimidate and bankrupt defendants. Claims include defamation, "Islamophobia", and hate speech.

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    The term “lawfare” is used today to describe a weaker side’s exploitation of a judicial system to advance the goals of conventional warfare in an asymmetric conflict.


    Name-calling with the term Islamophobia is an aggressive tactic popularized by apologists for Radical Islam to silence individuals who attempt to tell the truth about Jihadist Islam.


    In this article, Clare Lopez shows how terrorists use 'Lawfare' to undermine the Untied States.