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In the 1960s and '70s, Afghanistan was beoming a modern country. Women went to universities and become professionals. All that changed when the Taliban took over and life for women become a throwback to the Middle Ages. 

Members of the biker gang called 'No Surrender' have joined the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, saying that with the Yazidis being killed, 'You cannot stay at home stting on your couch.'

Anaalysts say the new video released by the Islamic State is merely for propaganda purposes. The terror group's real strategy in fighting looks completely different.

In the latest edition of the Islamic State's magazine Dabiq, the group justifies slavery of infidel women through sharia (Islamic) law.

With the Taliban posed to resume power, women activists are growing increasingly nervous. 'Sins of the Fathers' explores the work of a sanctuary for abused women and their children. 

A heated discussion on Bill Maher's 'Real Time.' Bill Maher and Sam Harris slug it out with Ben Affleck.

Kurdish women fighter are revered in Kurdistan. For the women, fighting the Islamic State is not only an expression of patriotism but a means to freedom as a woman in a highly repressive patriarchal society.