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After her daughter reached out to her, a Dutch mother travelled to worn torn Syria to rescue her daughter Aysha from the clutches of the Islamic State.

French converts as well as disaffected young Muslims from France who have never integrated into European culture are being being wooed by the Islamic State as the next generation of jihadis.

Secular Muslim journalist Rula Jebreal challenges Bill Maher's right to free speech at Berkley.

A televised debate between Hussein Muhammed Hussein and a Syrian-Kurdish politician, who says Arab revolutions have been hijacked by Islamists gangs that 'are straight out of the Stone Age.'

In an interview on Iranian TV,  Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi declares, "We are the ones who guarantee security in the Persian Gulf." 

When Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists surrounded Ceylan Ozalp (19), she radioed her commander that she had run out of ammunition, and since she had seen ISIS raping female POWs, she preferred to die then get raped. She then took her gun and shot herself. Ozalp appeared in this BBC clip filmed inside Kobani in September.

A young, married Yazidi woman tell of her escape from the nightmare of captivity in the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS).