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A "graduation" exercise held by Islamic State recruits after finishing training at a terror camp.

On the eve of American and allied strikes on the Islamic State in Syria, the terror group released a full-length propaganda movie to threaten America, the West and its Arab allies and recruit more jihadis to its cause.

From Lebanese TV, a report on child soldiers fighting against the Assad regime in Syria. 'Children make the best soldiers,' declares one veteran soldier.

In a naked threat to American armed forces, the Islamic State released a new propaganda video titled 'Flames of War.'

Watch the official trailer for the documentary film, 'The Price of Honor,' that tells the story of Texas teenagers Sarah and Amina Said, killed by their father Yasser, who still remains at large. The movie premiers Sunday, Sept. 21 in Los Angeles.

Sheikh Abdel Kader Dawud speaking in the Ibrahim Al-Khalil mosque in Berlin on Sept. 12 says it is wrong for Muslims to turn the "enemies of Islam" against the Islamic State.

With a small child and three week pregnant, Meriam Ibraheem was jailed in Sudan and eventually sentenced to death for failing to embrace Islam. In her first interview after her dramatic release two months ago, Meriam speaks to Megan Kelly about her ordeal in Sudan, her faith and her future.