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Indonesia's Aceh province publicly floggs citizens for a variety of sharia offenses. Now, the governor is set to sign off on legislation making sharia law applicable to non-Muslim and foreign residents of Aceh.

Clarion's National Security Anayst Ryan Mauro on Fox News discusses the lone-wolf terrorist in Sydney who had a history of violence but pretended to be peaceful.

Australian Amira Karroum, 22, became radicalized, joined her Al Qaeda husband in Syria and was killed in the war. Her father plans to sue the Australian gov't for her radicalization and says he wishes death for one of the prime minister's own daughters.

A woman recounts her horrific experience of being mobbed and assaulted by a group of men suddenly on a street in Egypt.

Omar Abu Sara preaching in on the Temple Mount at the Al-Aqsa mosque says when dealing with Jews, a 'special mode' is required.

Tunisia's interim president, Moncef Marzouki, known as a secularist, proudly professes his support for Hamas and says he was honored to had met Hamas head Khaled Mashaal.

Fatah Central Committee member and former Palestinian Chief Negotiator Nabil Shaath says the U.S. created Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS). Further, all of the Arabs domestic problems are due to the U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.