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Married as a child, 23-year-old Sitara, the mother of four young daughters, had her lip and nose slice off by her husband while she was sleeping. Here she is shown reconstructed by surgeons in Turkey. Afghan rights groups are trying to raise funds to send her to the US for better reconstructive surgery.



After being sold by her father to pay off a debt incurred by her mother's illness, Nagma was sold to a 19 year-old in marriage. After finding out about the case, U.S. rights groups contacted American Lawyer Kimberly Motley who has been working in Afghanistan for the past five years. Motley was able to raise funds to redeem Nagma and, with the blessings of Nagma's parents, now intends to put Nagma and her brother into Afghanistan's National Institute of Music, a school that takes orphans and underprivileged children.

Hamas' cleric praised the Palestinian women for 'surpass[ing] all women in jihad and martyrdom.'

A documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Company on why honor crimes are being ignored in the UK.

Part I of a six-part documentary about the stories of refugee women who have undergone FGM or fled their countries to avoid FGM and are involved in working to eradicate this practice.


The Iranian government has named as it's ambassador to the UN the man who acted as a translator for the hostage takers who held American embassy workers prisoners and tortured them in Iran in 1979. Will the U.S. grant him a visa?

An in-depth look at the development of Al Qaeda, the CIA's role in helping the jihadis fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and much more in this fascinating full-length feature film.